In Vancouver Community we use a broad and inclusive definition of research and evaluation to stimulate this activity in our programs. Community research and evaluation is an encompassing term that includes, but is not limited to:

Community clinical trials, epidemiological studies, basic (not lab) research, health system research, innovation, program evaluation, best practices, decision making, longitudinal studies, operational processes, naturalistic research, consumer and client oriented research, and knowledge translation/mobilization.

Residential Care & Assisted Living

Providing publicly subsidized assisted living services in a supportive accommodation environment for people with physical and functional health challenges.

Providing assisted meal service, medication administration and supervision, personal assistance with daily activities and a planned program of social and recreational activities.  Serving people who have complex care needs and can no longer remain safely in their home, the Vancouver Community of Care supports 588 residents in four owned and operated facilities. We work closely with Providence Health Care, which operates additional sites totalling 653 beds.

The Transition Services Team (TST) assesses hospital clients for discharge from all Vancouver hospitals, and then coordinates the safe transition from acute care to various community services throughout the province. TST works with the Priority Access Team (PAT) to admit clients to residential care from acute settings. The care teams are made up of registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, resident care aides, residential care coordinators, physicians, nutritionists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, recreation staff, social workers and, at some sites,a music therapist.

Assisted Living

Assisted Living provides both hospitality and personal care services (including meals) in a private housing unit with a lockable door for seniors or people with disabilities who can benefit from more social interaction. We currently have 11 sites which support 563 residents some of whom may have spouses who live with them.

Examples of Research and Evaluation Priorities

  • Resident and family understanding of end of life and goals of care
  • Staff/teams understanding of end of life and goals of care
  • Care model and alignment with changing and specialized populations‎, collaborative practice, quality of life, needs assessment and client satisfaction
  • Effects of psycho social trauma and loss of staff for clients
  • Cost effectiveness of new program implementation
  • Prevention/management of chronic disease in adult populations
  • Effects of not implementing best practices
  • Utilization /over utilization of Emergency Department by clients
  • Cost effectiveness of client-centered care

Current and Past Research and Evaluation Projects

  • Intake Analysis of Banfield Residents: Is a Routine Multivitamin and Mineral Beneficial for Institutionalized Seniors?
  • Ensuring Optimal Utilization of Ceiling Lifts for Patient Handling Tasks
  • The Natural History and Measurement of Power Wheelchair Use

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