In Vancouver Community we use a broad and inclusive definition of research and evaluation to stimulate this activity in our programs. Community research and evaluation is an encompassing term that includes, but is not limited to:

Community clinical trials, epidemiological studies, basic (not lab) research, health system research, innovation, program evaluation, best practices, decision making, longitudinal studies, operational processes, naturalistic research, consumer and client oriented research, and knowledge translation/mobilization.

Public Health

Committed to protect the public, prevent disease and promote health.

We seek to improve and maintain the health of the population at an individual, community and systems level before illnesses and injuries occur. The essential functions of public health are: health promotion, disease and injury prevention, health protection, population health assessment and disease surveillance. Public health incorporates the interdisciplinary approaches of epidemiology, environmental health, public policy and communicable disease prevention. Services are provided in a variety of community settings such as schools, preschools/daycares, neighbourhood houses, Community Health Centers, and clients’ homes.

  • Healthy infant, child and youth development , including healthy pregnancy
  • Communicable disease prevention (e.g. immunization) and control
  • Dental health
  • Environmental Health – air quality, water quality, food safety
  • Health assessment and disease surveillance
  • Healthy built environment
  • Healthy communities
  • Health emergency management
  • Support for children and families with special needs and disabilities
  • Healthy living and chronic disease management
  • Mental health promotion and prevention of mental disorders
  • Nutrition and Food Security
  • Population Health
  • Disability prevention
  • Problematic substance abuse prevention
  • Prevention of violence, abuse and neglect
  • Health for school children
  • Audiology; speech and language therapy
  • Sexual and reproductive health
  • Injury prevention

Examples of Research and Evaluation Priorities

  • Migration patterns, acute and chronic disorders, Downtown Eastside second generation women and youth with complex needs.
  • Chronic disease management – using community intervention to empower populations for self-care
  • Cost effectiveness of prevention/management of chronic disease in adult population
  • Needs assessment and client satisfaction
  • Impact of not implementing best practices and variations in practice
  • Cost effectiveness of new program implementation
  • Issues in child and youth mental health
  • Creating healthy environments that support mental wellness
  • Population-wide health promotion strategies and social marketing strategies
  • Role of Public Health in improving EDI and MDI scores
  • Accessibility and proportionate universality service delivery

Current and Past Research and Evaluation Projects

  • An Ethnography of Breastfeeding Disparities and Nursing Praxis
  • Assessment of heavy metals and other environmental chemicals in pregnant and reproductive age newcomers from South and East Asia living in Greater Vancouver
  • ASSR and VRA in Infants with Normal Hearing
  • GetCheckedBC: Developing new knowledge to inform the province-wide implementation of an online STI/HIV testing service
  • PCIRN: National Ambulatory Network Surveillance of Adverse Events Following Immunization among Children and Adults Immunized with the Influenza Vaccine
  • Step by Step: A 14 week program to physical activity & mental wellness
  • Sustaining Protection Against Hepatitis B from Infancy to Adulthood: Assessing the Case for a Booster Dose in Adolescence
  • The relations among objective and subjective aspects of indoor office environments.
  • Vitamin D and immigrant mothers and infants in Metro Vancouver: status, knowledge, beliefs and practices
  • An Ecology of Technology: Infants, Toddlers and Mobile Screens
  • Children's Social Behaviours Study
  • The Impact of a Visual Activity Schedule for Teaching Swimming to Children with Disabilities
  • BC Healthy Connection Project – Scientific Evaluation of the Nurse-Family Partnership Program
  • BC Healthy Foundations – Impact of Nurse-Family Partnership on infant’s biology, maternal stress and infant health
  • Community University Collaborative Project on Food Security in Vancouver Schools and Institutional Adaptations to Climate Change
  • Autism in Real Life: Social Communication and Autism Treatment
  • Evergreen Boys Research Project
  • Vancouver Technical Secondary School Comprehensive Wellness Initiative

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