Facilitating effective partnerships to make research and evaluation meaningful to community and client care.


Our Mandate

We increase new knowledge generation and its application within Vancouver Community by creating partnerships between researchers, directors, managers, frontline staff and clients. Our goal is to ensure early engagement and collaboration in research and evaluation projects that will lead to outcomes that directly benefit our clients and their families.

Our Community Research Facilitator is here to answer your questions and direct you to the person best suited to work with you to develop your research/evaluation question and project. He/she will assist you in making the specific contacts you need to move ahead with your project.

Contact: education.award@vch.ca



Research at Vancouver Community is guided by the VCH's "True North" goals. We believe in People First, which means empowering our clients to have a voice in their own care by fostering respectful collaboration between them and their health care professionals. We hold the following values in high regard:

  • Provide the best care
  • Promote better health for our communities
  • Develop the best workforce
  • Innovate for sustainability

Get Started

We encourage early engagement of researchers, health professionals and clients so that research and evaluation projects are developed in collaboration. This will ensure that your research outcomes have the maximum impact on client care. Our roadmap outlines how we can support your research. Here are the steps to get you started on research.

Align your research idea with VCH True North goalsVCHRI Large Numbers v1_01.png

Ideas for research can come from a variety of areas. Does your project fit with VCH True North goals? Your research idea should be in line with these values.

Match your research with a Vancouver Community ProgramVCHRI Large Numbers v1_02.png

Each of our program areas has defined several research and evaluation priorities. We strongly encourage researchers to develop research and evaluation projects that address one or more of these priorities or a closely related problem.

  • If you are an external researcher have you identified a VCH Community program area that your research interests best fit?
  • If you are a VCH Staff member we encourage you to talk with your Program Director, Manager and/or Professional Practice about your idea.
Contact the Community Research Facilitator or Submit Your Idea VCHRI Large Numbers v1_03.png

We can help develop your research idea and connect you with the right people to move the project forward.

  • If you are new to research, the Community Research Facilitator is your first point of contact. The Community Research Facilitator will help you develop your idea into a research question and connect you with the most relevant resources.
  • If you are an experienced researcher and have a research project then submit your idea to the Community Research/Evaluation Advisory Committee. The committee will review it and assist you in developing strategic partnerships.
Create your community health research / evaluation projectVCHRI Large Numbers v1_04.png

Our Community Research Facilitator will review your research idea and bring together a multi-disciplinary team to explore the feasibility of the research you have in mind. Together, we will help you develop your project to align with VCH's True North goals and improve the quality, effectiveness or efficiency of client care.

Get ethics and VCH Research approvalVCHRI Large Numbers v1_05.png

Once your research project plan is fully developed, you need to obtain Ethics Approval and VCH Operational Research Approval.

Implement your ProjectVCHRI Large Numbers v1_06.png

Researchers, VCH Staff and clients work together on project implementation. Research results are used to provide best care for clients.


What types of research and evaluation does Vancouver Community encourage?
We encourage projects that will benefit client care this could include community clinical trials, epidemiological studies, basic (not lab) research, health system research, innovation, program evaluation, best practices, decision making, longitudinal studies, operation process, naturalistic research, consumer and client oriented research, and knowledge translation/mobilization in a community setting.
What do I need to do to start a research project?
We encourage you to let us know of your research/evaluation project and/or idea. We also encourage you to develop a partnership with the most appropriate Vancouver Community Program. To facilitate this process the Committee asks that you complete the online survey that will inform us of your intent to do research. The Research Facilitator will review your submission and determine how best to support you. This support could include: linking you to specific programs or other researchers with similar interests, identifying operational support required for your project, and/or linking you to potential funding sources. See Get Started for more information.
What should I do if I have a research question, but I don’t have a research plan?
If you are a new researcher or a health professional who has a research question, but no clear research plan then we ask that you contact our Community Research Facilitator who will help you turn your research question into a research project.
How long does it take for the Research Facilitator to contact me?
Once you submit your request the Community Research Facilitator will acknowledge its receipt and will follow up with you in a timely manner.
How do I develop a partnership with a program area?
Our Research Facilitator will connect you with the most appropriate program area. You will then work with a multidisciplinary team in this program area to further develop your research project and prepare for the UBC Ethics Application and the VCH Operational Research Review Application. The Research Facilitator will assist with these processes as needed.
How will the Community Research Advisory Committee and Research Facilitator assist me to do my research?
We will help you develop a research project that will have greater chance of grant success with funding organizations that focus on knowledge translation. We may provide a letter of support that will assist in your grant application, if required. We will connect you with the most appropriate internal resources and health professionals. We will link you with health professionals and other researchers with similar research interests.
What if my question doesn’t fit into any of the research areas? Can the Committee reject a project?
The Committee wishes to support projects that have the best chance of improving client care, matches the Community Health research/evaluation priorities, contributes to the community health body of knowledge and aligns with VCH’s organizational goals. If a potential project does not fulfill one or more of these goals then it may not get support from the Community Health Program Director or Senior Managers. The Committee may ask that the project be further clarified or adjusted.
Will my information and research question be made public?
No, we keep all information confidential. If we find two colleagues with similar research or evaluation goals, we will put them directly in touch with each other, but will not make their information public.
Are there any ongoing requirements once my project is up and running?
We wish to follow the progress of research projects and be informed of the final outcome. This information will help us track projects, identify collaborations, build on the research/evaluation that has been undertaken, and translate the research results into client care. Therefore, the Committee would like to receive an annual update and a final project report.